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If You Facing Problem with Panda Antivirus

If You Facing Problem with Panda Antivirus

EntradaAutor: carter » 05 ago. 2017, 07:14

On the off chance that you utilize Panda's free antivirus programming, you could be in a bad position. There's an issue with the product in that it recognizes itself as malware, and puts center records into isolate. When it does that, on the off chance that you reboot your PC, chances are great that it won't boot up once more. It won't have the capacity to, on the grounds that when it tries to get to those center documents and sees them in isolate, it will just close your PC withdraw keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from getting to the "malware" records. That is a most dire outcome imaginable. Different situations incorporate arbitrary collides with desktop, irregular reboots, general unsteadiness or a powerlessness to get to the web until the point when the issue is completely settled.

A representative for the organization says that the incorrect mark record was rectified quickly, so the vast majority of the issues have been settled, however no less than one individual in ten may in any case experience the ill effects of at least one of the above issues until the point when a last determination is come to.
For the present, the organization prompts Panda-Free clients just not to reboot their machines, and that a changeless arrangement is approaching.

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